Disabled people

The amusement park in Ruhpolding is a popular destination for disabled people.

For 50 years people with and without a handicap have laughed and played together at Ruhpolding's leisure park. Disabled people are very welcome at our park. 

We offer special conditions for groups of disabled people. 

Prices 2017

Children over 90cm and under 12 years 7.00 €
Youth over 11 years and adults  9.00 €
Wheelchair user and visually impaired people free  
Companion free  

Please note, that the total amount for the whole group must be paid by the group leader at the entrance. On-site we accept only cash. There is no cashpoint available.  

Please bear in mind, that our park is located in the Bavarian Alps with predominantely steep terrain. 

We have special parking ground for disabled people at the park entrance. More details you find under "Parking". 

Please register your group in advance by email: ruhpolding@freizeitpark.by. 

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