Mountain Roller Coster

With ease the mountain roller coaster winds up the 36 meters altitude difference and dashes with 14 passangers through the mountain forest.

Attention at the track of the mountain roller coaster called "summit stormer". Please sit down, close your saftey gate, take a deep breath and hold on to your saftey gate. The journey starts: Backward the roller coaster pulls a steep hill up, makes a short pause and all of a sudden races down with 50 km per hour. All in all he overcomes 36 meters of altitude difference. He turns around and around and ends up its journey backwards again through the mountain air in the leisure park Ruhpolding. 

The "summit stormer" ist the first and only roller coaster in the area around lake Chiemsee in Upper Bavaria, located between Munich and Salzburg. 

Age restrictions:
For children with at least 1 meter body height.
Children under 6 years are only allowed to ride when accompanied by an adult.

Operation hours: 
Daily from 10am until 18pm (limited operation hours during early- and off-season).
No operation by thunderstorms or snowfall. 

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